Miki coffee table, 2018 products
Multiplying beauty, 2017 products
Abovus kitchen, 2011, Belgrade
Avala kitchen, 2015, Belgrade
Stepa S app, 2014, Belgrade
BELVILLE SHOWROOM, 2013, Belville, Belgrade
IYB house, 2008, Moscow, Russia
Kids room, 2012, Belgrade
In Mobile stand, 2013, Delta City, Belgrade
MashtaBashta, 2014, Belgrade
FF furniture, 2014, New Belgrade
Dental Smile, 2013, Belgrade
Abovus bathroom, 2010, Belgrade
New Maribor Art Gallery, 2010, Slovenia
Kalenic green market, 2006, Belgrade

Abovus Architects

We are architects from Belgrade, Serbia. We`ve been working together for fifteen years already, as a team on different type, scale and sort of architectural projects. Thus include competitions, design proposals (exterior and interior), working and detailed designs, approvals and finally running projects on site.
In architecture our goal is to confront problematics that challenge us in every new project, and to “fight” them with passion and will to find the best possible solution. And if we can still have fun while doing that, our mission is fully accomplished!

Selected Projects

Ivan Stefanovic

Maja Stefanovic


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